DWIs and Your Record in Texas

Driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated charges and convictions can have a serious impact on every area of your life. In many cases, a DWI conviction not only costs you thousands of dollars in court fees, but it can also impact your education opportunities or career.

Understanding how driving under the influence charges and convictions impact your record is extremely important. And while multiple convictions could stay on your record for a very long time, with the help of a DUI lawyer, you may be able to keep these charges or convictions off your record or lessen the severity of your sentencing.

The state of Texas has very strict laws and penalties in regards to DWI convictions. The same goes for DWIs drastically affecting one’s record. Before recent changes to the law, a person could have a DWI expunged from his or her record after a 10-year period if he or she did not have any additional offenses. Unfortunately, that law has changed.

Now, Texas law states that DWI convictions cannot be removed from one’s record for any reason. This is the case whether you have had only one or multiple convictions. In fact, past DWI convictions only affect the severity of penalties with future convictions.

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