How a DUI Can Affect Academic Opportunities

Many young adults work hard throughout their academic career to get into a school with a strong program in their chosen field of study, often with the hopes of securing a job in their desired profession. However, these dreams can be quickly swept aside with a single DUI conviction. Many universities look very harshly on serious criminal violations among their students, potentially resulting in the loss of academic opportunities or the outright expulsion from the school. The consequences of a drunk driving conviction can be devastating for a student with high aspirations.

Loss of Academic Standing in a University

For many students, there are certain expectations established by the university and by the department that student studies under. If either of these institutions has stringent rules about criminal violations, a student may be punished accordingly. For particularly specialized or competitive departments, such as those used to propel students into law school or medical school, a DUI conviction may result in the student’s expulsion from the department. In these situations, the university may not necessarily expel the student, but they may lose their desired opportunities in their department.

Loss of Scholarships

Scholarships are crucial for many students to afford the high costs of tuition, university fees, room and board, food, and materials. However, students convicted of DUI charges may lose their opportunity to compete for many scholarships, which are often based off a student’s academic and personal merits. A drunk driving conviction may speak poorly for a student’s personal character, making them a much less likely candidate to receive a scholarship.

Similarly, students already granted scholarships for a semester or more may lose their funding if their scholarship providers find out about a DUI conviction. Losing a scholarship may prove financially catastrophic, and may result in the student being forced to leave the school due to the excessive costs involved.

Loss of Admissions Opportunities

For prospective students, a drunk driving conviction may ruin their chances of getting into a particular university. Many universities hold high ethical standards for their student body, and have competitive enough admissions standards to reject candidates with previous criminal records.

How Can a Defendant Protect Their Academic Future?

If a student or prospective student is facing a drunk driving charge, they may want to closely consider the range of criminal defense options available to them. With the help of an experienced DUI attorney, a defendant may be able to fight these charges and protect their good name.

On the other hand, a defendant may also be able to work towards securing a favorable plea bargain and the reduction of their criminal allegations. While a drunk driving conviction may be extremely damaging for a student’s prospects, a reduced charge of reckless driving may not be quite as poorly received by an educational institution. A DUI lawyer may be able to help a defendant work through the process of fighting for a fair and favorable plea bargain from a determined criminal prosecution.

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