Breathalyzer Inaccuracy

BreathalyzerBreathalyzer tests are, to date, the most common form of chemical testing available for determining whether or not a driver is operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. This is largely because they are fairly easy to use. Unfortunately, breathalyzer devices have also been shown to have a number of significant design flaws which, over time, can contribute to inaccurate results that, if left uncontested, can put an innocent person behind bars.

There are a wide number of different factors which can lead to inaccurate breathalyzer results. One of the most common is machine calibration – if the calibration formula is off, the results will be as well. Another issue that breathalyzers may have is overreporting results for individuals who have just recently had a drink, as their breath alcohol volume is likely much higher than their blood alcohol volume. Other issues include sensitivity to ambient temperatures, false positives caused by ingestion of foods containing alcohol substances (such as salad dressing), and inaccuracies based on different weights. Most drunk driving defense lawyers know about these factors and use them to defend clients in DUI or DWI cases. For these reasons, some police departments have begun to use the more accurate blood analysis test. If you believe that you have been wrongful charged with a DUI or DWI due to a defective breathalyzer, contact a DUI defense lawyer today.

There is a stigma that comes along with being charged with a DUI or DWI. Charges like these make it hard to get a job, buy a house and apply for a loan. In order to avoid the stigma associated with a DUI or DWI, you might consider expunction, which can remove the criminal charge from your record. To learn more, contact an expunction lawyer today.

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